For more than 20 years, Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie have been front and centre in many of the key environmental and public health debates across Canada.  Their two bestselling books, Slow Death by Rubber Duck (2009) and Toxin Toxout (2013) fundamentally changed the way that Canadians – and consumers around the world – view pollution and its impact on their health and that of their families.

Rick Smith

is a Canadian author, environmentalist and non-profit leader and the Executive Director of the Broadbent Institute. From 2003 to 2012, he served as Executive Director of Environmental Defence where he was the driving force to make Canada the first country in the world to ban BPA in baby bottles.

Bruce Lourie

is an environmental thought leader in Canada and an acknowledged global expert on pollution and sustainable energy. He has founded many important environmental organizations such as the Clean Economy Fund, Canadian Environmental Grantmakers Network, the Sustainability Network and the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance. Bruce is President of the Ivey Foundation, one of the largest private foundations supporting sustainability in the country, and is an advisor to Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission.