NATIONAL BESTSELLER (#2 Maclean’s; Globe and Mail; Toronto Star)
An Customers’ Favourite [2009]
A Quill & Quire Book of the Year [2009]
An Best Book [2009]
An Spring Books Preview Selection [2009]

“There are things we do that affect our planet in major ways, like the extraction and burning of coal and oil, that we know harms both us and the earth’s environment. We can clearly see this, and smell it. However, there are also more insidious things resulting from how we manage our existence, things that evade our immediate senses. This book takes a good, hard look at what is slowly, invisibly, killing us. It’s a must read if you care about what enters your body, your children’s bodies, and the fragile place called nature that sustains our lives.”

Ed Burtynsky, Photographer

“[The] book isn’t just alarmist environmental shock and awe. It’s a thoughtful look at how pollution has shifted over the years from something tangible and transparent (industrial pollutants as the cause of acid rain) to something abstract and nuanced (BPA’s links to breast cancer). The challenges this change presents, as many of the world’s top scientists explain in these pages, should be of serious concern to us all.”

O, The Oprah Magazine

“This eco-bible also happens to have one of the most memorable titles of the year. . . . A chilling reminder of the toxicity of modern life, as well as a call to action.”

Quill & Quire (Book of the Year citation)

“Hard-hitting in a way that turns your stomach and yet also instills hope for a future in which consumers make safer, more informed choices and push their governments to impose tougher regulations on the chemicals all around us.”

The Washington Post

“Slow Death by Rubber Duck . . . is full of fun and interesting facts that will keep you engaged and amused . . . [and] make you forget you are reading a terrifying book about the insidious chemicals we encounter in our daily lives and how they affect our bodies and minds.”

Corporate Knights

“Funny, thought-provoking, and incredibly disturbing.”

Daily Herald-Tribune

“This is one scary book. . . . Poised between chirpy green-living manuals and dense academic papers, Smith and Lourie have crafted a true guide for the thinking consumer. If readers don’t change their ways after reading this one, then they never will.”

Daily Herald-Tribune

“Fantastically important—an indispensable guide to surviving an industrial age.”

Tim Flannery

“Using narrative, humour and real-life scenarios, Slow Death by Rubber Duck has restored my faith in the environmental movement’s ability to make compelling points about toxins in our world, without beating us to death with a wagging finger.”

“The latest green lit bible.”

Toronto Life

“Incredibly entertaining.”

“Shows how easy it can be to detoxify. Smith and Lourie explore how much we are exposed and provide attainable solutions to protecting ourselves.”

Zoomer Magazine

“What could be more alarming than the toxic chemicals absorbed by our bodies every day? Our willful ignorance on the matter. Slow Death by Rubber Duck is a call to action for both governments and all Canadian citizens, but especially for us mothers, who are necessary for real social change.”

Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau

“Indispensable and unputdownable, Smith and Lourie take our—and their—toxic temperature. As scary as it all is, the really surprising part is how easily we can start cleaning up our act.”

Ann-Marie MacDonald, Author
The Way the Crow Flies and Fall On Your Knees

“Slow Death . . . gives a passionate survey of the argument. I read it and threw out my Teflon frying pans.”

The Lawyers Weekly

“If the rubber ducks don’t get you, the dust bunnies will. Breathe in that new car smell. Lather up with fragrant shampoo. Roll on the deodorant. Eat lots of seafood. These are just some of the invisible killers in everyday life spotlighted in this enlightening whodunit.”

Winnipeg Free Press

“A must-read eye opener.”

“One of the best-named books of all time.”

The Huffington Post

“The success of Slow Death is that it goes beyond scare tactics to solutions that we can all apply to our daily lives.”

Green Living

“A fascinating and frightening read leavened by frequent references to pop culture . . . Information that so baldly wants to scare consumers into what Lourie and Smith call ‘pollution nihilism’ is an everyday toxin too. A book such as Slow Death by Rubber Duck is an important and timely antidote.”

The Globe and Mail

“[Rick Smith and] Bruce Lourie detoxed by abstaining from everyday consumer products known to contain pollutants, then loaded up on the common brand-name products in order to mention the effect on their bodies. . . . The results are staggering.”

The Windsor Star

“This book is a powerful reminder that what we do to Mother Earth, we do directly to ourselves. Read it to see why we have to change the way we live and get off our destructive path.”

David Suzuki


One of IRMASWORLD’s “best books that help you start a great year 2017” [Jan 2017]
A Booklist Online Top Ten Book on Sustainability [2015]
On Gwyneth Paltrow’s (GOOP) Summer Reading List [August 2014]

“Smith and Lourie once again deserve praise for boldly going where few people . . . have gone before. . . . They are engaging, self-effacing guides to these strange lands, and Toxin Toxout, like its predecessor, [Slow Death by Rubber Duck,] turns complicated chemistry and baffling terminology into a smooth, lighthearted and entertaining read.”

Chris Turner, Literary Review of Canada

“A hilarious and fascinating account.”

Gwyneth Paltrow, goop

“A distressing and amusing adventure on the road to detoxing individuals and the planet.”

Adria Vasil, NOW (Toronto)

“We all owe a debt of gratitude to Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith for slowly poisoning themselves for our benefit. And perhaps even more, for figuring out how to unpoison themselves. This is a fascinating book that has made me change my daily routines.”

A.J. Jacobs, New York Times bestselling author

Drop Dead Healthy, My Life as an Experiment and The Know-It-All

“Even though the book necessarily includes a lot of complex explanation of chemistry, Toxin Toxout rarely reads like a textbook. Lourie and Smith personalize their research and experience . . . If you want to reduce your risk of getting cancer, asthma, allergies and a host of other medical problems, read this book.”

Michel Basilières, Toronto Star

“[Toxin Toxout] helps to make some sense of [unsafe toxins] and leaves you feeling slightly less powerless [about reducing your exposure to them].”

Paula Goodyer, The Sydney Morning Herald

“If you’ve ever wondered whether the shampoo you use might contribute to cancer risk, or whether there was any merit to all those ‘detox’ program ads you see, then this book will help you understand the real story.”

William Davis, MD, Author

#1 New York Times bestseller Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health and Wheat Belly Cookbook

“A useful warning against embarking on detoxification without medical supervision.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Scrupulously researched and sourced with thorough chapter notes, Toxin Toxout is remarkable both for its content and appealing narrative voice. Simply put, this is a book no one in the industrialized world has the luxury of ignoring.”

Booklist (starred review)

“[A] great book. . . . After reading this book, you will look at your environment, your house and the food you consume with a much more critical mind.”


“Toxin Toxout is a must-read for how to detoxify our bodies and our lives.”


“Toxin Toxout admirably demonstrates how important our everyday product choices are —from the food we buy to the cars we choose to drive. ”

Dr. Natasha Turner, Author
#1 national bestsellers The Hormone Diet and The Supercharged Hormone Diet